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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing may be a dialogue tool between a group and a company’s marketing subject. SMM may be direct add communities that cover a target group of users. Social media platforms are a contemporary tool for interacting with the audience. Today, the audience of social networks is like the audience of television channels, only it’s more attentive and active.

Social media marketing is at the crossroads of journalism, sociology, advertising, trade marketing, PR . SMM has more to try to to with PR than with advertising. Consumer attention are often obtained and purchased through advertising. Trust within the audience can’t be bought, it can only be earned. Social marketing has more from journalism than from “blogging or posting.” These are tools for direct and open or hidden interaction with the audience, and not “dumping” on the audience what’s interesting and important to the corporate or the post writer.

Tasks which will be solved using SMM:

branding, brand promotion;
mass non-personal advertising with elements of social significance, so as to make sure advertising coverage;
trade marketing – conducting incentive events among the social community;
social and online support for offline marketing events;
social support for online marketing events;
group dialogue with a gaggle of active consumers of adherents of the company’s marketing subject;
social dialogue with an audience curious about solving problems and discussing tasks, problems, and prospects on the brink of the topic of marketing;
social promotion – popularization of the social significance of the topic of selling of the corporate and therefore the company itself;
cross-promotion with non-competitive companies and makes, within the framework of a standard social target group for them;
verification of the views and aspirations of the social community with the plans and strategy of the brand and company;
increase in traffic to the company’s online resources.
SMM remains one of the tools of non-standard marketing interaction, but today it’s the foremost promising. Social media marketing is in demand both by large companies, market leaders, and also by small and medium-sized companies that use SMM for his or her own promotion and establishing contact with their consumers.

SMM doesn’t have a moment effect but gives a long-term result if it’s targeted and used correctly. Its main advantage is the low cost of investments compared to the possible effect of the measures taken.
Traditional marketing tools in social honey :

group dialogue – creating, designing, filling out materials (maintaining) a blog;
social dialogue – informational messages in thematic communities, support for discussions, answers to questions and comments;
trade marketing – conducting incentive events among the social community;
hidden marketing – work on popular thematic platforms: launch and support discussions within the format of an influence agent;
direct marketing – conducting dialogue on behalf of the company;
direct advertising in thematic communities and on the pages of popular bloggers;
viral marketing;
monitoring positive and negative information. Creating a positive information background;
optimization of the company’s Internet resources for social media (SMO).
Social media marketing involves the obligatory optimization of the location and bringing it into line with the most criteria of SMO – Social Media Optimization, since this is often a tool with which members of the social community – the audience are interested in the location from social networks, communities, blogs, diaries and forums.

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