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The concept and purpose of SEO marketing

The concept and purpose of SEO marketing

The concept and purpose of SEO marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) means a set of measures to increase the visibility of a site in search engines for key search queries.

SEO is:

  1. Search promotion;
  2. Search engine optimization;
  3. Website promotion;
  4. SEO optimization;
  5. Website promotion.

But you should understand that SEO optimization is not an instant way to attract customers. This is a long-term tool. Therefore, when choosing this method of promotion, it is necessary to correlate strategy and tactics. SEO is a type of internet marketing, so sometimes SEO optimization is called SEO marketing.

SEO marketing

is a website optimization for search engines (Yandex, Google) to bring it to the top positions by keywords. These query words must be associated with the product and company.

SEO marketing is an effective promotion tool that is better perceived by users, since they see the company’s website not in the ad unit, but in the search engine. This means that the product, brand are satisfied with the potential consumer. In addition, search engine optimization allows you to increase traffic to the site relatively free. This distinguishes this method of promotion from contextual or banner advertising.

To promote the site, the company invests money at the beginning of the campaign; regular investments are not required, especially in slightly competitive market segments. High-quality optimization allows the site to be displayed in the TOP-10, but complex system work is required after the initial optimization.

Oyeservices offering goods services have two main objectives: sales and new customers. Measuring sales is not difficult, it is more difficult to assess the effect of website promotion.

It is not always possible to accurately measure the effect of promotion on sales, so intermediate indicators are used:

site traffic with a transition from search engines;
site positions in the lines in the search for key queries;
calls and calls from the site.
The last indicator depends on the site traffic and its conversion, i.e. the ratio of the number of visitors and applications. Attendance with a transition from search depends on the position of the site in the lines of search engines and the frequency of selected queries. The effectiveness of SEO marketing depends directly on the site in search engines. For accuracy analysis, these indicators should be measured in dynamics.

There are three groups of SEO marketing methods:

white hat
gray hat
black ones.
The division into good and bad search engine optimization methods is impossible because their effectiveness depends on many factors: the subject of the site, region, changes in the algorithms of search engines.

The most reliable, but complex and long process is white hat website optimization. These are actions to create new pages of the site, filling them with interesting and relevant content, fitting the internal link structure, exchanging related links and creating external links to the site.

Gray optimization is a website promotion not in accordance with its theme. The effect of this optimization method is small. This kind of SEO is at the intersection of white and black optimization. Often used techniques to artificially increase the number of keywords on the page and some tricks regarding tags.

Black optimization is essentially spam. The techniques of this SEO marketing method allow you to quickly move the site to high positions in the search engine results. But the opposite effect can also turn out. If moderators notice cheating, the company loses everything.

As a result, with black optimization, you can not only quickly promote your website, but also get the exact opposite effect, which means being blacklisted by the search engine and losing everything that was before in terms of promotion. Therefore, search engines are equipped with filters that allow you to identify such tricks and tricks and block sites.

SEO Marketing Features
SEO companies can apply all companies regardless of the type of activity. The site will be able to sell goods and services of organizations and stores when visitors come to it – potential buyers. The audience of Internet users is growing at a record pace. In most cases, these are active and solvent people. This means that they can become buyers of goods and services presented on the Internet.

There are two reasons for investing in SEO marketing.

Low fair advising
Selling effortless products and services.

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